Rakaia Island is a forward-thinking farming business owned by the Turner family. The farm has over 50 staff and 9,000 KiwiCross cows, in two locations: Rakaia Island near Southbridge in Canterbury, and Woodstock near Oxford in North Canterbury. The business comprises six Dairy Units and a (Dry Stock) Dairy Support Unit.

Rakaia Island has a 2275 hectare milking platform and 4700 hectares of support land. In the 2016/2017 season, Rakaia Island prided itself on supplying 3.3 million kgsMS of quality milk to Fonterra.

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Dairy 3

2016/2017 Season

  • Effective area: 410 ha
  • 1400 cows
  • Production: 540374 kgMS
  • 62 bail internal rotary milking shed
  • Staff: Farm Manager, Assistant Manager, two Herd Managers, two Dairy Assistants



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